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Westhaven Power Unveils Power A.L.I. 2

Aug 27, 2020 12:46:41 PM / by Elise Vue


The One Whole Home Battery+Solar System to Power You Through Blackouts


Just in time for fire season, rolling blackouts, and Public Safety Power Shutdowns (PSPS), Westhaven Power today announced the availability of Power A.L.I. 2. Latest in total home backup, the solar plus battery storage is a 9 kWh system that is able to generate up to 14,195 kWh per year, averaging 38 kWh per day. The Power A.L.I. 2 enables a home to store up to 18.6 kWh, produce 6,100 watts of continuous power and 6,900 watts of peak power. Depending on energy needs, the system can be customized to manage evolving household consumption. 


“The compromised electrical grid and customer demand for a reliable electricity source, warrant a powerful solution that is 24/7, 365 days a year,” said Brett Joerger, CEO of Westhaven Power. “As a next-gen utility ahead of the curve, it is critical that we build and deploy an even more robust, self-generating system, that puts the power back in homeowners’ control and move towards #GRIDLIBERATION.” 


The Power A.L.I. 2 features:

  • Solar Panels - With an all-weather patented technology, the panels are uniquely designed to achieve maximum production - even during winter and summer months. Covered by a 12 year product warranty and a 25 year linear performance guarantee, the panels maintain an impressive minimum output of 83% after 25 years.  
  • Smarter Inverter - Further maximize your energy production and savings, the scalable inverter is battery-ready, generator compatible, and preconfigured to connect to an EV Charger. The advanced home storage allows more loads to be backed up than the average system, where you can stack batteries for increased power to keep the entire home covered. There’s no need to upgrade, remove or add on later. And with a built-in consumption meter, you’re able to easily monitor solar production, storage, and usage through one app.
  • Two Batteries - Providing the most optimal energy, the compact size of the two batteries can be wall-mounted or floor-standing. The stackable storage technology provides durability, and ensures an 80% of capacity retention after 10 years.  


The next generation system is now available in Northern California. Take advantage of the current 26 percent Solar Incentive Tax Credit (ITC) while it lasts, local energy storage incentives, plus Westhaven’s exclusive $1,000 savings when you mention the code, #GRIDLIBERATION.


To learn more about the benefits of Power A.L.I. 2, visit westhaven.com/powerali2


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Elise Vue

Written by Elise Vue