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How to Prepare for PSPS (and Beat the Peak Rates)

Mar 13, 2020 2:56:26 PM / by Elise Vue

Until now, solar technology was a thing for utilitarians and climate change fanatics. Fast forward to today, where Public Power Safety Shutoffs (PSPS), solar mandates, wildfires, coupled with a pandemic, are frankly the new normal, you must think about a more long-term investment. Specifically, a solution that is affordable, reliable, and in the best interest for your family, so your loved can power through. 

As neighbors to Paradise, we’re no strangers to disasters and shutdowns. We’ve experienced the Camp Fire first hand and know people who have been impacted by the unforeseen circumstances.  While we cannot predict these, we can help you prevent them through our ultra-reliable energy systems, which will enable homes to more reliable power, becoming more independent powerhouses and impervious to outages. Below, we’ve outlined a checklist for you to prepare, ahead of the upcoming dry and windy conditions.

  • Take advantage of the 26 percent federal investment tax credit (ITC) before it’s gone! If you haven’t already, consider reaching out to a residential solar provider and install the project before December 2020. This will help ensure that you qualify for the maximum government break at 26 percent compared to 30 percent in 2019. If you miss the deadline, the credit  break will drop to 20 percent in 2021 and decrease to zero percent in 2022.
  • Add a home battery storage to your solar energy system. Till now, home battery storage likely did not cross your mind as a must have. Thanks to recent power shutdowns, you’ll likely opt for a full-service solar and storage energy system that meets your family’s needs. For a limited time only, install your battery and the government could reimburse you through available rebate(s). Let’s see if you qualify for the Self-Generation Incentive Program (SGIP). 
  • Upgrade your home energy system with a generator. Homeowners in power shutdown and wildfire risk areas must now think about how best to protect their homes from scheduled blackouts. Don’t wait to be waitlisted, you’d be lucky if the utility provides you with advance notice. Talk to our energy advisors about rebate programs  and get your power backup today. Learn more here.
  • Residential solar and storage monitoring services available right at your fingertips. In the world of ever-growing technology, mobile apps and smart solutions such as our PoWr Guard, enable energy production monitoring and guarantee for homeowners. You’ll be able to check the health of your solar investment 24/7 and identify if it’s on or off. 

Drop us a line, tell us your #powerdream, and let’s find the right system for your home now.

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Elise Vue

Written by Elise Vue