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4 Tips to Beat Stay at Home Fatigue

Mar 25, 2020 8:56:31 AM / by Elise Vue

Whether it’s Easter or 12 weeks or more from now that we emerge from a shelter in place directive, the return to normalcy feels improbable in the near term. If you’re like us, we can’t wait to come back stronger. While we are functioning as an essential company, remaining operational as best we can and maintaining the status quo of services that are essential to maintaining every home, we wanted to check in with you. How are you and your family coping during this time of uncertainty? What are you going through? Here are a few tips that help us get through the day. Try some of these and let us know. Tip three is our favorite.


  1.     Unplug from your digital device (for a brief time in your day) – One of the simplest and most cost-effective ways to spend your time with your loved ones, is to make time. Now is the time to put away your mobile device, turn off the television, and deepen relationships with your immediate household. From playing a card or board game, to kickball in the backyard and gardening. The possibilities are endless.  
  2.     Keep your reading light – Self isolation doesn’t have to be lonely. Remember books? Yes, they still exist. But there’s no need to hoard a thousand of them either. You likely won’t read more than three unless you’re a speed reader. We’d stay away from anything apocalypse-themed for now. We thought about including a list of self-isolation books, but none of them seemed interesting. We’re all anxious enough already.
  3.     Chop chef a meal from your pantry – If you over prepared and hoarded everything from the grocery store, like the rest of America, then this is for you. Open up the pantry, pull out 4-5 items and discover new recipes. We usually like to select one carb, protein, vegetable, and more vegetables. 
  4.     Learn or practice meditation – We know the anxiety is real. Based on our research, some science-based benefits of meditation include stress reduction, controls anxiety, enhances self-awareness, and generates kindness. What else can we ask for? If you need a little inspiration, try listening to positive energy music. We like this one, click here.
  5.     Sow masks or protection gowns – Calling all talented sewers. Forget price gouging and governors bidding for masks. Just as we support our troops, we need to help our frontline health workers and governors too. In an ideal world, where we are super talented in needlework, we’d crank out masks in no time. However, the reality is that we have absolutely no talent there - and we’re a construction company. We’ve seen a surge in social media posts of people donating homemade masks. If you’re talented in this arena, and have the time, we salute you and encourage anything you can do. 

Finally, thank you for doing your part and staying inside every day. As we self-isolate, quarantine and hunker down, we are saving lives together. Until next time, stay well and be healthy.

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Elise Vue

Written by Elise Vue