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Got a Solar System? Get Your Backup

Apr 28, 2020 3:35:42 PM / by Elise Vue


Fire season is approaching fast, which can only mean one thing for our region - more power shutdowns. Don’t wait until summer, beat the line and reserve your backup power today.

As some of you may know, grid-connected solar energy systems provide energy to your home. When your system produces more electricity than you need, excess energy is sent back to the electrical grid. When it isn’t producing enough electricity for your needs (such as at night or during “peak” energy usage hours), you must purchase electricity from the grid. This can result in higher bills. 

Unless a battery storage system is installed in your home, your solar modules can't supply energy during a power outage because the inverters that control the solar modules are shut down during the outage. This “shut-down” occurs as protection to utility crews when they are deployed to repair the grid and as such, excess energy cannot be sent to the grid during an outage.  

Now, thanks to innovative technology, you can keep your own power with an energy battery storage system. The excess energy generated from your panels can be stored away and reserved for when you need it. For some this summer, it will be the “backup power” through blackouts.

Don’t pay more for electricity during peak usage hours or sit in the dark during a grid power outage. You have options.

To learn more, register for our free webinar on Thursday, 4/30 at 2 pm, and find out if you can get yours for almost free: https://bit.ly/2W6p6jF.


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Elise Vue

Written by Elise Vue